Why We Are Doing This

Because we are two people with our eyes wide open, grateful for 117 years of separate but wonderful pasts, and now 4 combined years of amazing togetherness.

We’ve come together in later life, and both feeling that we have a lot of life yet to live, wish to live it well!

We love being a team, and this is a fresh start to help us reach the design we believe we were meant for so this world will be a bit better when we’re finished.

Because we don’t have a million bucks, but have enough to accomplish what’s important to us, if we make a few choices that we have found ourselves very excited about:

  • Move where the cost of living is very low.
  • Move where healthcare can’t bankrupt us.
  • Move where eating and living healthily is easy and affordable.

Because We love our parents, families and friends, we want to visit and be there for them readily and have the funds for frequent trips.

Because we are both adventurous, funds will be available to travel and check off the bucket lists that we’ve acquired over our lives.

Our anticipation runs high!


  1. Steve & Denise

    Ben and Carma and Lizzie | We are so excited for you and can’t wait to see hear about your adventures. We have our passports ready for a visit. We love you guys!

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      Ben & Carma

      It’s always good to hear from you, Alissa! We hope you and Corey know you have a place to stay after we get some more permanent digs!

  2. David Baughman

    Carma, Ben, this is exciting to say the least! If in your travels you want to visit the South Coast of Oregon, my house is available. Since we have only two people and a small dog living in it, there is plenty of room for company. (4bedrooms and two baths).


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      Ben & Carma

      Dave, it’s so good to hear from you! We will definitely stop in. We are going to plan a Northwest trip within the next year and will let you know when. As soon as we figure things out down here on a more permanent basis, you will have an open invitation to visit here as well.

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