Celestun Flamingo Boat Tour

Flamingos in Celestun

Flamingos were a given. But…an alligator?!

And, so much more!

The tour was more than we expected!

Celestun is known for its flamingos. Our neighbors invited us to join them for this bout tour. They have done it several times and never tire of it.

First, we love being on the water. Second, these boats were comfortable! We sat in our own chairs! Third, the view of flamingos and other birds was amazing, along with the fun of navigating through mangroves.

And, a cenote! We didn’t have our swimming gear along, so we enjoyed it from ‘shore’.

And . . . an alligator! (in the pics below!)

Enjoy the pics and videos!

Wading Flamingos

Ride the boat!

Crystal Clear water in Cenote


  1. Steve Matthews

    Wow you guys are living “The Dream” It makes me happy to see you both so happy. I love you guys!

    1. Post

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