Doing Laundry in Merida


If you saw our short video of the home we are staying in while in Merida, you know that doing our laundry is a very manual process.


We thought we’d share how it looks doing laundry at our house… enjoy the pics, presented in order of your normal washing cycle! The dry cycle can take up to 36 hours!




  1. Bill

    In the days before the luxury of having a washer and dryer, when I was, also, constantly short on money … nit, like now, just at the end of the month … I would do my laundry in the bathtub. Not so different from your set up!

    1. Post
      Ben & Carma

      Very much the same:)
      Just for fun, many years ago in Minnesota, we used a washboard so we could try it. That didn’t last long. We did hang our clothes out to dry there, which was fun in the winter, because they would literally freeze dry.
      Great to hear from you Bill!

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