From Oliva’s to Mamma Mia’s

The last night of our “Life in Merida” trial was spent at an Italian restaurant a couple hundred feet from where we had lived. We hadn’t tried it yet but knew it received the highest ratings. We found out why. Pictures of the food don’t begin to do it justice. The ambience, service and flavors were deliciously memorable!

Our first day in Chicxulub brought us an equally memorable lunch. As it is off-season in this fishing village of 5000, many items on the menu were not available, but everywhere you look, Pescado Frito was. So with pictures of fried fish filets dancing in our brains we happily ordered. Carma’s amazing ability to stifle a gasp and with composure and a smile, thank the waiter with a hearty “gracias”, needs to be duly noted here.

We thought the two meals side by side might be enjoyed. Let it also be noted that the fried fish tasted good.


  1. Steve Matthews

    Ok…what kind of fish are they? I am not an expert but I would say Piranha. Holy cow you better eat them before they eat you!

    1. Post
      Ben & Carma

      I agree, Steve! But more along the lines of Holy Cow I better eat them before I look at them! (Otherwise, I’d never get it down!)

  2. Ashley

    Happy late birthday Ben!!! Love y’all and miss you! I remember this time last year, we went to Denny’s and ate all those pancakes and coffee!

    Loved the food pictures- I would’ve definitely eaten way too much:)

    1. Post
      Ben & Carma

      Hi Ashley! We were just talking about that Denny’s B’day with Carma out in Iowa, you took care of me!
      As soon as we get a place that’s settled, we will have a room for you so we can fatten you up.:)
      We’ll make sure your coffee’s ready when you get up!

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