Merida: Yucatan Peninsula

Here We Go!

Have you ever heard of Merida, Mexico? We hadn’t either, but now we’re just about ready to try it out as our possible new home.

Last fall, while comparing cost of living stats for different areas of the U.S., we noted they also listed international locations.

Whoa!, a whole new world opened up and our blown minds started wandering to places they had never been before! What an incredible trip it has already become.

Close to home, easy access to parents and family, great healthcare, safe city, very low cost of living, international airports.

Markets with fresh fruits, veggies and seafood, beaches, friendly people, Mayan ruins, cenotes (natural gorgeous swimming holes), and great expat communities.

We are leaving September 15th for our first three month adventure: six weeks in Merida, then six weeks in Chicxulub,, twenty five miles north and right on the beach. We wanted to experience life in both a large city and a small community. It’s hot there and that may be the down side. We will tell you after we’ve experienced it.

We hope you enjoy this adventure with us.


  1. Melia Leichty

    Wow guys!!! How exciting. Would so love to visit you once you are settled! I admire your adventurous spirits willing to blaze an unconventional new beginning!!

    1. Post
      Ben & Carma

      It will be so fun to welcome you to our place after we figure it all out. In the meantime, we are having a great time discovering that unconventional new beginning!

  2. Natasha

    YAY! So excited to hear about the adventures! Thank you for this blog, it’s almost like you’re bringing all of us with you! I like that very much! Love you! Praying for safe travels and a wonderful time!

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      Ben & Carma

      It’s so fun doing a blog, Natasha, and we hope it’s enjoyable. Say hi to Brian and your precious girls and know you will always be welcome here after we get settled.

  3. OJL

    MOM says a lovely place. we had 1/2 in rain today, I sprayed the lawn yesterday this eve we were to fair grounds for appreiation super
    by State Bank pork burgers chips and cookies. thanks for update
    mom and dad

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