Rio Lagartos & Salt & Pink Lakes!

Rio Lagartos


Shades of clear green and blue water.

Tour boats and fishing boats.

And, . . . salt ‘mountains’!

It was all a part of our day trip to Rio Lagartos.

Rio Lagartos is a small community that sits at the center of the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

We did a day trip to Rio Lagartos from Valladolid.

Besides the anticipated beauty of a seaside town (actually it sits next to a lagoon, just inside the Gulf of Mexico), the surrounding area offered interesting side trips: a Salt ‘Mine’ and Pink lakes (aka Las Coloradas).

The pink water is from algae and tiny pink shrimp in the water.

Enjoy the videos and pics below!


Las Coloradas

The wind was blowing! You may want to turn down your speakers. 🙂

The Journey of Salt from the Ocean

More Pics

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