Uxmal (ushmal)

I wonder what Chicago would look like if we could see it after it had been abandoned for 600 years. During that time, invading groups occasionally pilfer what’s left to build their own structures. Finally, future archeologists attempt a restoration so “modern” people of that day could surmise what life was like back then.

Welcome to the astounding world of the Mayans. I’m not sure any of our cities will look this good 6 centuries from now!

I won’t try to give you a tour, because it’s way too complex, but suffice it to say that the height and breadth of what they built and the advanced knowledge they possessed, left us stunned and amazed.

Enjoy the pictures!

By the way, there were Iguanas everywhere. One of them has been named Berlusconi, because he had so many girlfriends. You’ll see a picture of him with one of his “ladies”.

(for those who don’t follow international politics, Berlosconi was an Italian Prime Minister whose tenure was filled with scandalous affairs)









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