Where do seashells come from?

Well…we asked…and then breathlessly discovered what we never would have guessed!

Here is the progression; from birth to adult.

We’ll start with a video showing how the sea shell egg case is laid. Amazing!

(We didn’t do this video. This is one of the videos we saw that took our breath away!)

Now we’ll start from the sea shell casing. We found the following treasures on our beach.

  1. sea shell egg cases filled with tiny little creatures with their houses on their backs
  2. a single egg case that produced the tiny little shells next in line,
  3. group of tiny little conchs from the case above them. (The next picture down is a blow up so you can see the shells)
  4. a progression until full adulthood. (probably about three years from top to bottom)

All of these were collected from the beach in front of our house.

This is just a centerpiece we made for the beautiful new table that our landlord brought us.

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