Tis the Season for Octupus

In the northwest corner of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary (ie. flamingos!), sits a relatively busy fishing village called Celestun. We have learned the catch of the day, during this time of year, is octupus.

Celestun sits 60 miles west of Merida.


Celestun (red pin) sits on the edge of Northwestern Yucatan, in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary.


As you enter the town, it’s the typical Mexican fishing village. Yet, as you get closer to the water, and eventually walk the last block to the beach, you are suddenly on a beautiful sandy quiet beach. Palapas line the beach, and a few individuals enjoy the warm waters. Others, enter a boat to take the Flamingo tour.

For us, it was quite the contrast, from the part of the town we had just driven through to this quiet sandy pristine beach. We enjoyed the quiet, the beauty, the warm water (feet only, this time!) and lunch on this gorgeous beach.

Enjoy the pics! …and the video!





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