Telchac: Long Walk-able Beaches!

Long walk-able beaches. Sounds of the Gulf reaching the shoreline. Clean downtown. Fresh coconut water.

Those are just some of the sites, sounds and tastes(!) we enjoyed as we explored Telchac during our ‘northern fishing villages’ tour.

In our goal to find the ‘right’ area for us, we hired a touring guide to introduce us to the 6-8 fishing villages along the northern shore of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our favorite was Telchac. (stay tuned as we found an even ‘more favorite’ since then!)


We toured the fishing villages from Chelem to San Crisanto.


Much of the shoreline in these villages and around these villages are either filled with fishing boats or lined with homes as far as the eye can see. Although the beach is still public access, many of the homes come right up to the ‘beach’ area. Telchac was an exception.

Homes sit farther back from the shoreline, often with the typical Yucatan vegetation (a few grasses with low-lying sweet-smelling, hummingbird-attraction shrubs) separating the beach from the homes. And, fishing boats were absent.

Enjoy the pics!



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