From Chicxulub to Sisal

When you’re in Colorado and you’ve never been to Northern Yucatan, you close your eyes and point at the map and say, “I’ll try that town”.

We didn’t really do that, but we made the best choice we could from a distance, knowing at least a little of what we wanted.

But after we’d explored the area a bit, we began to pick up the intuitive pieces that make one place feel more like home than another place. One day we fell in love. (We’ll tell you later if it was true love or just infatuation).

We found a little fishing village named Sisal, away off by itself, and our hearts went pitter-patter. So we moved from Chicxulub to Sisal.


Sisal is approximately an hour from Merida. To get to Sisal from Chicxulub, we had to drive to Merida. There is not a road directly from Chicxulub to Sisal.


Initial Views of Sisal


Lunchtime Video!


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