Our First Norte!


We are quickly learning about weather patterns on the beach of Northern Yucatan!

“Norte” was a new term for us. It was used with other exclamations like “Button down!” and “Strong winds!”. We heard it would start Tuesday evening and go into Thursday morning – 36+ hours! Yet our ever-so-trustworthy weather apps were saying 12-18 mph winds.

How bad could that be?!

The weather apps were wrong. Winds were steady at 25-35 mph throughout the 36 hours.

We enjoyed the adventure! Electricity flickered off and on throughout Wednesday morning and finally went completely out around 3pm. Four hours later it came back on. And, we survived without internet for almost two days!

A Norte in Sisal is like a snow day in Colorado! Things close down, schools cancel classes, and everyone stays inside. Well….for the most part!


Norte Video






  1. Steve Matthews

    In a unique way I think that is very beautiful and it looks fun and very exciting!

    Happy Thanks Giving to you guys, we miss you!

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