Hacienda Sotuta de Peon Part III

In the Presence of a Master

Have you ever met someone that that leaves you in awe? Not the ones that are famous that you never thought a normal person like one of us could meet, but one that no one knew about that left you feeling like you had just been in a master’s presence?

We experienced that. The dearest old Mayan Hennequen worker you could possibly imagine. He greeted us in his house and gave us a vocal/visual tour of clearing land all the way through to rope on the Hacienda. He had done every part of the process and since the Mayan language is very visual and his face would light up a dark cave, it was an arresting and riveting presentation. We left feeling like we had been in the presence of someone beloved and esteemed.

What you are watching before that is our means of mule/horse driven rail transportation around the Hacienda.


84 year old Mayan – Former Hennequin Worker



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