Hacienda Sotuta de Peon Part II


From Plant to Rope

The growing and harvesting and processing and machinery of rope making from sisal, aptly demonstrated by our incredible tour guide and rope making crew from the Hacienda, left us in awe. It’s probably better seen than described on paper, so Carma took videos along with pictures.

The amount of time and effort and conditions put up with by a large contingent of laborers to plant, harvest and process the fiber and rope was almost unimaginable. True to maxims of wealth and power, the money made was made on the backs of those not empowered by their money. Each Hacienda issued it’s own currency which was used to pay the workers who in turn could only spend it in the very over priced Company Store. Slavery..

Our tour guide was quick to give us the history lesson.

Have fun watching.






The Manual Process



Turn down your volume!





Using Machinery to Make Rope






See Part 3: In the Presence of a Master


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      Ben & Carma

      Be sure to check out Parts 3&4 of this series (when we get them posted!). It’ll cover even more interesting and fascinating and fun parts of this tour! We love the idea of ‘popping down’! Happy bday, John!

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