Sailing on Lake Bacalar

Who doesn’t want to sail on captivating crystal waters of every blue hue?

So we did.

On a catamaran with three others and a crew of two.

We sailed in shallow waters azurely colored. We swam in the chest deep water’s of Pirate’s Canal. We ate a lunch of freshly cut mangoes and bananas and apples and kiwi in the almost 600 foot depth of the Black Cenote.

We held our breath while our amazing crew maneuvered in and out of tight spaces and between other boats that made us burst into applause at their skills! Sails raising and lowered and raised again, while being tactically turned to channel the wind’s potency as our engine.

Like that song from the 60’s, It was poetry in motion for three and a half hours….

All for about $30 each.


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