The Stuff Movies Are Made Of!

Forts and walled cities and cannons and swords and swashbucklers and pirate ships and treasures…

Put it together with beautiful buildings and street cafes and good food and fireworks and romance and warm evenings…

I can’t wait to go back and be part of the movie!

But I can’t imagine what it was really like to live during colonial times when the romance was missing. The evenings were hot and Spain was trying to protect what it had stolen from the Mayans from being taken by the Brits and the French. Then there were the pirates, those not so movie like guys who only wanted to pillage the town. Cannons booming, ships sinking, and innocent people dying because the powers of that era thought conquering lands was more important than those crazy people living there that just wanted warm evenings and romance and laughter.

Like I said, I’m so glad we get to experience the movie now!

Light Show

Thursday Night Dancing



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      Ben & Carma

      I think you are right Bill. It seems historically, including now, the politics of war victimize the everyday people who simply want to dance in the street, play with their kids and enjoy life. We’re enjoying that now, but these warm and friendly people’s ancestors had to build walls around their city and hope the cannon fire didn’t hit them.

  1. Teri Nott

    Just getting caught up with the site today – LOVING the videos and pics of Campeche. You guys know how to pic the good places!

    Did you join in the dancing? I hope I get a moment to share that video with our neighbor, Adela, who grew up in New Mexico. I could see her out on that dance floor! As I could see both of you, so… did you dance some of the night away?

    🙂 🙂

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